Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Catch up stuff!

Nothing new here, just wanted to catch up on a few things!

First...I am so honored to be chosen over at Pal Paper Arts as one of the featured cards for PP128!  Yay for me, and just the nudge I need to get back into creating!

Next...I keep seeing all over that Google Friend Connect/followers is going away on March 1.  So...if you follow this blog and depend on that to know what I am up to, looks like you will have to switch.  I also post everything over on Google Plus, although I am still not sure how to use it !  I also added this other linky thing if that helps....see over to the right.

Then...Pinterest...I am on Pinterest...although not a lot...and I have made the commitment to always give credit back to the source blog.  I also created a board for Paperville so I will post my cards there too...I have been reading a lot about it and seeing how it is changing things.  So follow me if you want!

So if you have any advice would love to hear it!  I am not sure where to go next, is a blog the right thing to keep doing?? I don't really promote myself on Facebook..it scares me!  lol I am taking an online class next week on Busting the Blog Myth...maybe I will get an idea of where to go with all this!

And lastly...here are my cards from my February class...

Cased from Lyssa
a box using Laser Cut cards

One stamp three ways....
one way....Faux Silk technique

second way...stamping on wood

third way...black magic technique

and lastly, a simple yet elegant thank you

Hope all is well where-ever you are!

~ Lauri

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