Saturday, February 16, 2013

Post Nemo and Valentine Teacher Gifts

 So we had a little snow last weekend;  I live in Hamden Connecticut that had the record snowfall (40") during the blizzard last week. Started to snow Friday ...  we were able to get out of our house on Tuesday!  Can you say Cabin Fever?  But a few warm days and the roads are clear and the snow pack is a lot lower!  The picture above is what we woke up to Saturday morning...and it had not stopped snowing...  

Here is my daughter doing her best "snow for" we worked to burn off excess energy on Sunday and find my car.  Wasn't until Tuesday that our complex was able to get the equipment to free us from all the snow!

A craft idea for you too!  I made a few teacher gifts for my nephew's teachers, making paper fortune cookies with some inspiring teacher quotes.  I used MDS for the label and tag!

The paper is from the Spring Catalog, More Amore.  Once you get the hang of making them, very easy!  You can find many tutorials online;  I ended up finding a few that were helpful.

I will be back in a few days with cards from our February class !

~ Lauri

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  1. Yikes - I had no idea that you were in that little circle that got 3 1/2' of snow! My best friend was also in that circle and she and I spent a ton of time chatting during the storm. That was one weird storm. So glad you are dug out now and I hope it is melting (but not too quickly...).

    Sounds like you made great use of your time snowbound - those little pails are adorable! The colors are superb and I love the fortune cookies. They look good enough to eat!


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