Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flower Folds Fabric Brooch

Sorry I have been MIA!  I came down with a cold....lost my voice...coughing coughing coughing...blah blah blah....

But I have been getting ready for my March technique class, and I will be sharing those projects with you over the next week!  Here is one.....a Flower Folds die fabric brooch!  No sewing too (just up my alley!)  I am sure you have seen these around blog land....very easy! I used the Flower Folds die to cut out 4 sizes of flowers, then layered then and used hot glue to attach them with a button on the top, pin on the back!

All the material at Joann's was a bit overwhelming...I chose home fabric of a heavier weight, but can only imagine the possibilities when you use all sorts of other fabric. I have also seen samples where synthetic fabrics are heated and the edges curl up.

Hope the weather is as glorious where you are as it was here this weekend!


  1. i sure hope you're feeling better. at least you're better enough to make this gorgeous flower! i just love it!

  2. Helllllo Miss Lauri! Hope you are feeling better! We have had it here, too - for a month! Ugh! These are gorgeous!! I wish I were talented enough to make something like this, rofl! Good to see your blog post today! Muah!

  3. Lauri! Your new blog is amazing! I love it! And your cards, and this flower, are fantastic!! Hope all is going well!

  4. Making your own flowers and butterflies are hot right now! I love the fabric flower, very cool. Your butterfly cards are gorgeous too!


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