Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snowtober and a Hogwarts Halloween

Hey everyone..this is a non-crafting post (unusual for me but wanted to fill you in on my sporadic posting as of late!)  The Hogwarts Halloween is over and here are a few pictures of the banners my daughter made for the Great Hall!  The shirts they sold are great...they say "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" on the front, which people tell me is from the book.  But since I have not read the books...I really don't know!

She really did a great job!  We worked registration for the 100 kids at the Saturday event and they all had a great time.  Then...the snow came....Snowtober...totally unexpected for our part of Connecticut since we expected mostly rain and only an little snow.

Here is what we woke up to this morning after a very scary night...

That is our front yard.

and under that pile of car.  Very scary last night hearing all the branches cracking and falling....and thunder and lightning on top of it!  But...we have power!! yay!!  So I have recovered from a few weeks of less than optimum sleep and back to crafting!  and a craft show in November too!!  So stop by on Wednesday for a Freshly Made Sketch card!

~ Lauri


  1. Oh Lauri, thank goodness you have power, but your poor car! We are off today because several of our schools are without power - yay for me I get to play in the stamp castle today! We had many branches down too and I now have to park my car elsewhere because some of the snapped branches haven't fallen down yet and when they do it will be right where I park my car. I guess I was lucky! Enjoy your Halloween! (The banners are awesome - it sounds like a great time was had by all.)

  2. Lauri - those banners your daughter made are fantastic! So glad everything went well with the event and that you have power after the storm. Hope the storm clean-up goes well! Thankfully, we don't have major storm clean-up to do as we were the crazy fools out during the storm clearing the snow off the trees and ornamental shrubs/trees with rakes and long armed tree pickers. We did, however, lose power on Saturday but we do have back-up power as a result of our generator.

  3. Lauri, I was thinking about you because I know that parts of CT got clobbered with snow. Glad to hear you've got power, but that's a major bummer about your car! I suppose we should look on the bright side though. That would be so much worse if it landed on your house. Stay safe.


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